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Processes, tools and organizational adoption. The fact is most companies don’t spend enough time turning insights into actions, so they can achieve rapid results. Our methodology enables your organization to achieve a proper balance between processes, technology, and culture, so that the S&OP initiatives leave behind sustainable change. We don’t bring in an army of consultants to affect this transformation. We coach and enable you and your team to make the hard decisions and drive change from within. Our clients appreciate not only the more affordable approach, but most importantly the fact that your process knowledge doesn’t walk out the door when we do.


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Strategic Inventory Management Through Analytics                                                         

Seema Phull - Partner

Supply Chain Challenges in Aerospace Industry                                                           

Seema Phull - Partner

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De-risking your supply chain .                                                                   

Reginaldo A. Montague - Dir. Project Management

Why Is S&OP Essential?                                                                   

Seema Phull - Partner

FVA Interview with Jonathon Karelse       .                                                     

Jonathon Karelse - Partner


How Big Data Can Unify Your Organization.                                                                

Seema Phull - Partner



The Human Factor in Demand Forecasting.                                                     

Jonathon Karelse - Partner


S&OP: A Tool for Uniting the Extended Supply Chain                                                             

Seema Phull - Partner

Value Creation Emerges as Important Metric for Supply Chain Improvements.                                                                

Reginaldo A. Montague - Dir. Project Management





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In addition to our real-world experience as practitioners, our team is committed to investing in research and innovation. No matter how unique your challenges feel, chances are you will find some parallels and solutions in our body of research.


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- Evolution of the Comet Chart approach - in forecasting to deliver diagnostic insights into Demand Planning deficiencies. 

Definition and Implementation of a Forecastability Matrix-  in identifying key opportunities for profitable forecast improvement. 


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