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Customer Experience


NorthFind Partners. Experts in Customer Experience Assessment.


Often, the biggest obstacle to true intelligence is making assumptions that aren’t necessarily accurate, because of relying on a limited perspective. This is similar to the story where blind men are asked to describe an elephant, each touching a different part of its anatomy. Of course, they come up with completely different versions of the truth - none of which represent the whole picture. Similarly, many organizations make presumptions about what their customers’ experience truly is or how their organization is perceived, when the reality is often far different.




NorthFind evaluates your Customer Experience with a comprehensive diagnostic that includes process, metrics, tools and people. We capture the true voice of the customer and then align your strategy to differentiate your customer experience.


Our methodology for Customer Experience leadership is not just about order entry or technical support but end-to-end customer interactions within B2B companies. Voice of the customer input is received via multiple channels and a key to success is to quickly translate those inputs into corrective actions for business success.




Evaluation Of Customer Experience Processes & Resources:

• Assess if the organization’s customer service strategy is aligned with customer needs & with business strategy

• Customer analysis, including data analysis for customer segmentation strategies & cost-to-serve models to enable differentiated service and growth

• End-to-end Customer Experience assessment • Share Industry best practises for each phase of the Customer Experience

• Thoughtful and strategic recommendations on how to get the best out of your existing organization

• Evaluate KPI’s, management operating systems and tools to deliver excellent Customer Experience and enable growth

• Evaluate VOC methodologies, both transactional & relationship surveys to develop continuous improvement plans