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Transformation at Work.


It often takes more than just foresight to revitalize a failing operations initiative.  As companies move up the supply chain, complexity grows and transparency declines, resulting in many organizations becoming trapped, and unable to identify root causes of their setbacks.  With this high level of complexity, customer service is decreases while inventory levels and costs climb,    



Our focus is to help our clients develop a robust operations managment platform.  



Instead of high-level academic exercises, our consultancy always delivers data driven solutions and the right executional detail to achieve fast results. This approach ensures proper alignment between key organizational components including technology, process, and people.  Our functional expertise and real life experience allows us to identify and address root causes and implement corrective actions.  We also recognize that sustainable change adoption is dependent on having the right talent and resources. We develop our clients into change agents who can address failure modes throughout the value chain. We empower your team with robust standard work, effective organizational design, and training so that your new process knowledge becomes ingrained in the organizational DNA.




How we can help getting you there:




  • Customer analysis
  • Marketing analytics
  • Competitive analysis
  • Enterprise KPI's
  • Supplier performance management

Functional Expertise 

  • Sales forecasting
  • Demand planning
  • Inventory modeling and optimization
  • Supply planning and execution
  • Factory operating systems
  • Supply chain network design
  • Operational due diligence 


Enterprise Change Management

  • Talent assessment
  • Organizational design
  • Standard work development
  • Training
  • Restructuring strategy



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