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Supplier Enablement


NorthFind Partners. Experts in Optimizing Supplier Performance.


Supplier performance management is a key component of a successful supply chain strategy. Most organizations see this as a simple tactic of telling suppliers their metrics and having them try to meet them. In reality, ensuring supply chain performance is more complex than just telling the suppliers what they ‘should do’. Supply chain performance is determined by the operating system that is driving the various partners of the supply chain. This partnership is not simply based on metrics but includes KPIs, cultural alignment, business process alignment and synchronization.





Once Everybody Is On The Same Page, The Decisions Become Clear.


Our method for supplier performance management is not just about metrics. Rather, we focus on harnessing the goals and objectives of each party as well as the supply chain network. The goals for the supply chain are then used to build a secure, transparent operating system that integrates the supply chain network. Our supplier performance solutions focus on both critical tactical and strategic actions. NorthFind’s method begins with a thorough diagnostic of the supply chain spanning key business processes. Evaluating each party’s business process versus best practices, we are able to create a roadmap to achieve successful supply chain performance.